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We are a London based escort site governed by CNN enterprise and registered in the UK. InLuciddreams is an international community, operated and managed by a team of intelligent professionals to bring you professional escort services while respecting your privacy. Our user friendly site has been specially created for individuals who don’t want to use the numerous expensive and somewhat intrusive escort agencies. In Lucid Dreams is a unique platform, with a refreshing new look, specially designed to deliver a satisfying experience for our users all over the world. We promise to completely give a different approach to the escort business. Our website and services are straightforward and of utmost discreet to our customers. We have replaced the need to have middle men by providing a platform where both escorts and their clients are in direct contact. We pride ourselves in impartiality, integrity and we believe in your right to privacy. All members have an equal opportunity to confidently express themselves and make their choice. We are confident that we can be able to cater for your needs whether you need to spice up your love life or need a companion to kick off boredom during your vacation. With our network, we are not only guaranteeing a high level of professionalism but we believe that you will have a lot of fun!