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Whether you are a first timer or a professional, being an escort with In Lucid dreams is only a click away. Our registration process is quite simple and we present you with a platform to build your portfolio while setting your own working hours. In other words you are your own boss. Our membership fee is £49.99 per year; this is just the maintenance fee for the website’s upkeep. Remember free sites also come with their own share of problems as they tend to attract dubious people. So chances are you might just end up with deceitful clients and may even put your life at risk. By registering with In Lucid Dreams, [you will need to be over 18 years], you will become part of a dynamic team of professional escorts where you will get to choose and mange your own client base while observing complete discretion. 

This is the best platform to find high paying escort jobs; our top earners make around £3500 per week. You may choose to reject clients whom you do not like. Members of our site are busy professionals in search of great personalities to accompany them to social events, restaurants, cinema shows or vacations. Others may just be bored housewives and husbands looking for great companionship or couples that want to add some spice to their relationship. So wherever your interests lie within the above mentioned categories, come and register at our site and enjoy start enjoying yourself as well as your paycheck. Becoming an escort is one of the most highly paying jobs in the UK. This is the most relaxing job you could ever think of, you can easily pocket 
£500 in just a few hours while chatting away and dining with your client. 

If you are an independent escort you may not get easily noticed and you may have trouble marketing yourself. By joining In Lucid Dreams, we will make your work easier by doing all the marketing for you. Escort work should not to be confused with prostitution. This is a completely legitimate business where an escort provides companionship to her client for a certain period of time. There are many businessmen who want to avoid boredom during their trips and prefer someone to chat with. Escorting does not equal sexual services, and if it should happen, that is strictly private and is not part of the services we provide. 

Our site is completely user friendly, unlike other sites which tend to be confusing not to mention the deception escorts have to endure with. You get to set your own profile page and view the message board for special requests. So take that first step and register and become part of this great team.